Decorative Film

Style on a Budget
With Decorative film, you can achieve the beauty of designed glass without its pricing or permanency. On interior glass partitions and doors, decorative film immediately transforms plain glass to stylish decor that also provides privacy protection.

If you are planning to upgrade the glazing in your office or home, Windows Plus can supply a wide range of decorative film to meet your taste and budget. Our decorative film designs come in three main categories:

  1. Plain film – This is smooth in texture and comes in different patterns such as broad stripes, medium squares frosted, medium squares clear, regimental bars, rice patterns, etc.
  2. Embossed film – This is imprinted with different designs giving their surface a slightly roughened texture. We have finger prints, sparkle squares, sparkle stripes, spirals, pyramids and fin patterns among others.
  3. Matt film – This is equally smooth in texture and efficient for privacy protection purposes. We have sparkle matt, white matt, bronze, pink amongst others.


We also supply stained glass film popularly used in churches, Winnie the Pooh for nursery schools, and much more.