Today when it comes to your home, personal preference rules. Window plus is proud to offer you a wide variety of quality designer wallpaper that lets you be whether you are a Traditionist, Romanticist, Modernist, Individualist, minimalist or a little bit of each.


An assortment of colours, patterns and textures

Colours affect our mood and behaviour. In your home or office, they reflect your tastes and distinct personality. Turn up the heat with red and orange hues. Add some drama with bold patterns, charcoal and chocolates. Whatever your style, there is a wallpaper to match or complement it.


So go on, accentuate your wall and bring it to life! Get creative with our exquisite range of wallpaper designs perfect for all types of projects. We offer unique mix of classic, traditional and modern living wallpapers in various patterns, colours and textures.


Contact us today to sample your choice of wallpaper colours and textures.